440 Hp Exhaust Manifold Bolts

Original Style Stainless Dual Exhaust-fits 57. 650"Exh valves. These 426 Hemi exhaust gaskets are the only "correct" units available on the marketplace. 00: 531301: Aluminum manifold for 5. Usually a bad or failing exhaust manifold gasket will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue. IN all that, they gained 25 HP. Fits MCM 140 (1966-1982), 470 (1976-1977), 165 & 200 Add to Cart. So, I am in search of stock manifolds that will fit a 361 engine. Exhaust manifold bolt torque for big cam 855 Cummins 400 HP. Exhaust Manifold: Anti-Seize Lubricant: 30 ft-lbs. Chevrolet: 1940-'48 6-cylinder; 1949-'53 216 engines use the same manifold; 1950-'62 cars and trucks w/235 and downdraft carburetor will fit; 1963-'74 cars and trucks (except 292) 6-cylinder manifolds are the same; 1955-'56 V-8 manifolds with A/C are the same, but check exhaust pipe diameter; 1957-'70 283/307/327 passenger manifolds are the same; 1957-'63 283 driver's side manifolds. or Best Offer. Tighten all the header bolts evenly. CPC Racing Arctic Cat parts, turbos, big bore kits, and accessories are designed with the highest quality to increase your performance to the maximum. I have tried a few things - 1) Used plain Fel-Pro stock type gasket - leaked 2) Took the manifold to a machine shop and had it resurfaced - leaked 3) Tried composite gaskets (can't remember the brand) - leaked 4) Just tried Percy's 66036 gaskets and they leaked. Any ideas on where to look for the parts?. Mopar 318 Exhaust Manifold driver Side. ONLY FOR 1967 440 HP engines V396 $44. The "factory" 440 combo gave us 252 hp at the rear wheels on Westech's chassis dyno, and with an upgrade in the exhaust system to headers and 211/42-inch duals, we had upped that to 280. Members see The other seven don't leak at all. HQ Automotive Service & Parts. Mechanic's Assistant: OK. 1967 327-275 HP $750. The components chosen for use here can make or break a project. , throttle return, transmission kickdown, coil hold-down, etc. The exit of the exhaust port, at the floor, has been made smaller, as well as the valve bowl under the seat. For 1994, horsepower was reduced to 175 hp (130 kW), mostly due to the installation of smaller-volume exhaust manifolds; torque ratings remained the same. 00 In stock Add to cart. Absolutely no way to get it out unless removing the headers. I miss that car. Fits 1961-1976 Plymouth Valiant Exhaust Manifold Dorman 95593zb 1966 1967 1965 1 Exhaust Manifold. Fits: 1968-70 340 Hp exhaust manifold 1962-65 Street wedge exhaust manifold; for use on 361, 383, and 426 big block b-b ody 1967 440 hp exhaust manifold 1968-74 383/440 Hp exhaust manifold -B & E-body only 1968-71 383/440 Hp exhaust manifold C-body only All max wedge exhaust manifold 1966 66 Bb Chevelle Supersport 3613 Holley Carburetor 396375hp L78 Dated 641. This also a more favorable valve combination if you are building a large cubic inch stroker. 1965 300 Buick Exhaust Manifolds Pair 65 Manifold Lesabre Skylark Also Fits 340. Exhaust Manifold Studs And Nuts Hardware Chrysler Dodge Plymouth 64-67 383 440 Qt. We have the top of the line ARP bolts, as well as standard high strength grade 8 versions for those looking to save a few bucks without sacrificing strength. Other lubrications offer reduced friction and increased bolt tension, and will affect the torque figure. Exhaust Manifold Gaskets. 1970 426 HEMI ENGINE Original GTX Motor WO Exhaust Manifolds. 188 results for mopar 440 exhaust manifold 70 71 383 440 HP Magnum Exhaust Manifold Mopar Cuda Challenger GTX Road Runner + ARP Bolts 444-2101 Mopar 273-440. We gained 140 horsepower!. « Reply #2 on: April 01, 2013, 01:53:35 AM » I would clean the threads on the studs if using again and run a tap carefully into the stud holes in the head ,then use one of the good loctite thread sealers. Step 3 - Silicon Lubricant An industrial strength penetrating lubricant spray will work wonders at loosening bolts that have been seized by rust and corrosion. This kit is ONLY for the HP exhaust manifolds. Muffler Fits Exhaust New With Manifold Nuts Honda 13HP 11HP & GX390 GX340 & & & GX340 GX390 Muffler Honda Nuts 13HP Manifold Fits 11HP New Exhaust With REPL KOHLER ENGINE MUFFLER EXHAUST 237550 CUB CADET K241 K301 K321 393840-R91 REPL KOHLER ENGINE - $34. Then using the twoend bolts I will attach the manifold to the head loosely. General applications cirrus, stratus, and sobering. I doubt the HP manifolds made even 5-7 HP difference. Click to see info on 273 318 340 360 5. That's a 30-percent power boost with an intake, carb, headers. This information has been compiled from various sources and is believed to be accurate. Exhaust for VW GOL VI Top brands Reduced prices │ Car parts and Exhaust for your GOL VI — cheap prices and high quality Free shipping from £ 250. Mopar Dodge/Plymouth 383-440 HP 3871595 Drivers Exhaust Manifold 8-13-71 date. These heads do have the GT exhaust bolt pattern also. 1970-1971 Mopar B And E Body Hp Exhaust Manifold Left 383 440 Charger Cuda Rt 68 69. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Manifold Hardware for your Dodge 440. These had a nicely swept design, and except for the rare Max Wedge cast-iron headers, were about as good as it got in factory iron. Exhaust Manifold Fastener Kit 1967 440 HP CHZENGX36. 235-4725: Chevrolet Big Block MKIV w/Merlin heads, 8 long exhaust studs, undercut, hex Head Stud Kit. Equip your dash with gauges and engine control systems that let you monitor important systems. they got my car into the low 12s with a mild 440. 18 intake valve and 1. Bear Block Motor Aluminum Heads have 2. Fits 1968-70 340 Applications with HP Exhaust Manifolds: 189. Mopar 3830800 Left Exhaust Manifold 383 400 440 Hp Dodge Plymouth. TTi requires the manifold casting numbers off of each manifold to ensure that we supply you with the correct bend necessary for your application. from manufacture). It is important to mention that all three years of Max Wedge cylinder heads used cast iron adjustable rocker arms. 10 long exhaust studs, undercut, 12pt Head Stud Kit. I don't like the headers anyway. 1953 1954 1955 Corvette Dual Port Exhaust Manifold, Ultra Rare Part, Hot Rod. Aluminum manifold for 5. 5L engine, this 3piece, cat-back exhaust connects to the factory piping (our system bolts to the factory exhaust system at the flange behind the engine/transmission) and expands to large 3” (76mm) forward-midpipe and mid-pipe that split to two polished, straight-through SP oval mufflers and. I made 45 passes at a track rental in my Jeep and was chirping 2nd and 3rd gear. Find exhaust manifold right ads. 650"Exh valves. ATTENTION Blue Star Performance Customers: New Site Coming! Despite lock down, and this new temporary way of life, We have been hard at work to improve the user experience and make it even easier for you to get the parts you need!. IN all that, they gained 25 HP. Correct for 1973-74 B & E body 383-440 HP, casting numbers 3751071 passenger's side, and 3751068 driver's side. Fits: 1968-70 340 Hp exhaust manifold 1962-65 Street wedge exhaust manifold; for use on 361, 383, and 426 big block b-b ody 1967 440 hp exhaust manifold 1968-74 383/440 Hp exhaust manifold -B & E-body only 1968-71 383/440 Hp exhaust manifold C-body only All max wedge exhaust manifold